Monday, August 29, 2011

Loving Dilemmas! Still Flipping for Flip Pal!

So what do you do if the window of your mobile scanner is smaller than the object you actually want to scan?

I faced that challenge a few weeks ago while working on two projects:  a creative fabric pillow and a scrap book page. It turns out that the software included with the Flip Pal scanner I purchased at my local Brother dealer made it easy.  I shared this on our Facebook Page within 24 hours of completing the initial project.  However, this weekend I realized that several of our blogging friends enjoy card making & photography and might not catch it on our embroidery FB page.  So here is how I went about solving the challenge.  It was really quite simple as you will soon see:

I think the next project will have to be a fun case to hold my Flip Pal Scanner.  It's great to be back in the studio with no connectivity issues!  Cookie at


Anonymous said...

I been thinking of a case also, for the moment I had a placemat purse I had made and it does fit well, but needs more padding in case I would drop it. Had bubble wrap but you know how that more bubles. Nutmeg

Sewconsult said...

Cookie, I am curious about the included software. Does the FlipScan include any & all that would be needed to be recognized by our embroidery software or is there an additional software needed. (I have Babylock Palette 8 as cousin to PED)

Can you give us a ball-park-price of the FlipScan if purchased at a Brother dealer? $200 or $150 range?

Cookie Gaynor said...

Nutmeg, I will be sure to post when I have the case all finished. This is the friends helping friends network! LOL!

To Sewconsult, yes, you can use the Flip Pal with your Palette 8 software. Regarding pricing, it is best to call your nearest Brother dealer. I know that my dealer sells it at a great price but to be fair, I cannot post it here.

No other software is needed for recognition in your Palette software. See my earlier posts last month where I discuss the softwares included. ;)