Friday, September 9, 2011

Colorize Your World Easily!

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With fabric markers/Paintstiks, I can turn out embroidery design quilts and gifts in a fraction of the time they would normally take with great results. And the best news is that they are washable.

For years I have digitized outline designs. Many of my own attendees (students) and friends sew quilts for children and charities.  Time is critical and these do save time.

Outlined Color Me Quilt Designs are also wonderful for mother/grandmother and child activity time.

If you are a perfectionist and outside the lines is more than you can stand: color the blocks prior to assembly so you can pick and choose.  For me, seeing a child color outside the lines in a quilt makes me smile. I hate to color inside the lines myself. I like less conformity and more creativity which is why I enjoy Project Runway so much. I need that T-shirt for my dress form Make it Work! I may order it.

I find that coloring in these outline designs with shading and blending colors meets that creative need. It certainly speeds up the time it takes to turn out a lovely or whimsical quilt depending on the design pack I use.  If you need a little help with getting started, there is a video on our FaceBook page that goes with the free design.
A little segue into self help, yours and mine:
 Become fan of Cookies Creations FaceBook and watch it and interact with other fans. By all means, share your projects that use our products.  If you have not joined the newsletter you can do so at the top right hand corner of our home page.  Each free newsletter has a design and project idea/directions and the cherub faced bubble time baby above is the selected design for the current one.

 For those who find a video is not enough, if you live in the Atlanta area, I am doing a doing a class at Atlanta Sewing on October 14th. Since some have asked on FB, I thought I should post it here, just in case because some prefer blog posts and our newsletter.
Now back to our blog: I'm  running a "Tape In"!
So glad to have finished my dress form project (see previous posts) so I can begin sewing some clothes with darts in the back leaving out the guess work! The American Embroidery Conference, in April, has picked up on this thread. Apparently, I will be overseeing a "Tape IN" while people wrap themselves in duct tape and then get cut out by their trusted partners.  I think Ron and I made every mistake along the way. We also have developed some improved modifications in the process. I will be giving constant tips along the way so that all the dress forms look sharp and accurate once finished. This should be fun! Come join me.  The supply list is easy: duct tape, measuring tape, (oh...  just look at the Sept 5th, post, third paragraph from the bottom :) I will bring the spray foam for those who plan to "fill her up there" since you can't carry an aerosol can on the plane, right?

Gee, maybe some of you will let me snap a photo and then Flip Pal you into stitches for my other class offering - I couldn't resist mentioning this idea! Oh, and the walk down the runway of the AEC fashion show - so many ideas, I will stop here before you beat me up! ~Cookie

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