Sunday, September 4, 2011

Duct tape + Man = Dress Form

In testing out a book that I recently purchased "Sew What Skirts!", I discovered how important a dress form can be for those back end darts. Not a brand new book on the market but it is one that has received many nice reviews. It was midnight and I was surfing the "buy ways"of the internet when I remembered this book. It was one of those impulsive moments that just happens - Add to My Cart! So glad that I did.

The measurements and method worked perfectly in the drafting of the patterns but the final fit without a dress form and no assistant was challenging and took longer than necessary. (Note to self: research dress forms.)

I have been spoiled for years with having my own sloper, thanks to the folks at Wild Ginger and their Pattern Master Software.  However, it really would be nice to have a stand up model to embellish the garments created.  I considered making another sloper dress to wrap up in duct tape.  I couldn't possibly consider wrapping up my original memento of the training weekend at Wild Ginger.

After much research (Sunday morning), I decided it would be fun to make my own dress form. I realize that  making a dress form out of duct tape is not new, but there are new sewers emerging everyday.  And my husband loves duct tape, and could certainly help with this. I just showed him the dress form project and asked if he thought he could do this?  (Tip for getting an assistant: challenge questions work best.) So now I have a one time assistant.  My thoughts are, if I find myself using the soon to be created dress form on a regular basis then I will invest in a custom professionally made form at PGM or perhaps somewhere else that gets high ratings.  Right now 3 rolls of duct tape sounds easy and quite cost effective.

There are many great videos on how to make a custom dress form.  But this one caught my eye as being clear and concise. I never considered the duct tape method, but that little skirt book has made me rethink how handy it would be.  I think mine will just be plain old silver duct tape, but JoAnn Fabrics does have fancy tapes as well. I might have a pin-able dress form in my future, if this homemade version proves useful .  Good luck to all those who try it and if you have made one, any pointers are always appreciated!  ~  Cookie (


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I could find a reliable assistant to cut me out of it afterward! Good luck on this. Nutmeg

Cookie Gaynor said...

Nutmeg, bring the duct tape and supplies to the April American Embroidery Conference, and I will help you. I might have to tape you in at the booth, and cut you out in a classroom!

Dianne Pomeroy said...

Well, Cookie, keep this up and it may have to be added as a class at the AEC conference. Many of us just don't have someone to help with it, and in a class the students could do each other! Great idea.
Speaking of the AEC in April of 2012, I have just received a copy of the proposed new Logo designed by Urban Zundt of Zundt Designs for us. You will all love it.
Remember though that space is going fast, and I hope everyone that can fit in will come 'cause as you know, this is my last AEC! I plan on making it the best!!!!

Sewconsult said...

I thought this was one of the best tutorials for the duct tape twin that I have seen. They did fail to put a warning to do before starting. One should use the restroom before beginning! If the model took 3 rolls of tape, I would hate to think how many I would need! I gave up sewing for my self about 4 sizes ago, but I do miss the tailoring that I did in my college days. Does anyone wear tailored suits to football games any more? I don't think so.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

patjano said...

I'm sure anxious to hear how yours turns out Cookie! Be sure and post pictures and let us know how long Ron took to do all the taping..~

bouncy bobbin said...

not sure i trust anyone to tape me in, but wow- what great repurposing of duct tape. When can we expect to see a video of you and your trusty asst trying out this approach???.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Woke up bright and early to give it a try and will post a few tips that I have learned thus far.

Unknown said...

Even I enjoyed this how-to video, and I don't even sew!

Cookie Gaynor said...

Ah, you many not sew now but I am baiting the hook with duct tape! Thanks for watching and leaving a comment ;)