Friday, September 9, 2011

The Evil Twin who can wear my clothes!

I finished the dress form and then rethought the process and outcome! After stuffing the dress form with batting and sealing it up (after"trial and error), I decided that the duct tape did not make an ideal surface to work on. A friend reminded me that a pin-pinable knitted surface was an advantage found on many manufactured dress forms.  So into my stash I went and I found, much to my delight, a ribbed knit fabric in black.

I put pictures on Facebook of the steps used but you can see the final results right here.  The knitted fabric not only has the advantage of being pin-nable, it also is a non slip surface. I kept a tape measure handy as I adjusted things to ensure the measurements remained accurate with batting and knitted fabric added.

I made a lot of unpleasant discoveries while making this project, and one thing is for certain:  I will no longer carry a shoulder bag on my right shoulder.

The circular wrap is a pattern I found in THREADS.  It fits her just the way it fits me.  Now I need to go back to my Skirts book and see what I can whip up.  After all, it was that book 3 posts ago that started me on this dress form project.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my project and now my evil twin will have to earn her keep.

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Adolescence is a time to gain your own fashion identity. Experiment with different styles to find the type of clothing that represents you best.