Monday, September 5, 2011

Progress Report: Duct tape + Man to create Dress Form = Adventure...

It really does take an hour and a half to get taped up as shown in the previous blog post from yesterday. The picture shows "my dummy" sleeping face first from exhaustion of the "tape in!"

Understand that when you do get taped up, that you have restricted movement, it's a bit of a challenge on the comfort zone - stay focused on your goal.

For the T-shirt, I picked one that was not as baggy as the one shown in the video posted yesterday.  Less wrinkles in the T-shirt just made it easier for many reasons.  The original selected shirt was a little shy of fabric in length, as a result: *I did end up cutting into a 2nd T-shirt for more fabric hem length which I quickly stitched to the bottom of the original t-shirt.  I used the remaining extra fabric from the 2nd T-shirt  to wrap around the neck area rather than plastic wrap as shown in the video, (again posted yesterday).

No coffee, or tea prior to the taping session, as you will be trapped inside your mummy dress for a short while. If your hips, or shoulders are a little sore, this will add to the discomfort for a bit but my mom always said, "Beauty has no pain" so persevere while your assistant works at taping you up.

Pick an assistant who takes thoughtful care while wielding scissors.  My assistant was very careful laying each piece of tape but the removal of my mummification was less than patient so my wonderful black leggings got a small hole in them :( They cost more than the supplies for the project!) Also important, be sure that your arms are covered where needed by the T-shirt while being taped in.  Having the tape ripped off your arms is not fun.  Right Mr. Cookie? The welt went away 4 hours later.

Speaking of cost:  2 extra large rolls of Scotch duct tape in white $5.99each, 2 bags of batting $5.99each, 1 Can of Foam $3.99.  In the picture,  that marshmallow stuff is the foam expanding out of the arms, and neck.  Trimming it and sanding it is the chore for tomorrow.  Wear gloves when shooting the foam product into the dress form mold. Don't ask!

Very excited to be completing this so I can test it out.  I will say that I did take a few measurements of the "new girl" in town, and she does measure up.

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I always appreciate your support ;)


Debra Gaynor said...

no way your butt is that big!!

Martha said...

You are both hilarious and brave! Maybe I will follow in your footsteps - the brave part - someday. But I AM impressed, Ms. Cookie!