Friday, October 14, 2011

ASG is Sew Incredibly Fun... if you sew, you should join!

My Bubble Time Project Finished
The American Sewing Guild is one of the best investment of time and money, if you love to sew.  The membership fee is minimal and in exchange you get:  discounts at many sewing retailers, monthly meetings around the country, fun events and most importantly instant friends!

As busy as I am, you can find me showing up at two meetings per month because the people are nice, the sewing inspiration is incredible, the talents of so many members are outstanding, and those that are 'just learning sewing techniques' are nurtured!  It is the chapters inspiration of dying fabrics that made pushed me to try Paintstiks and "colorization" in a less messy fashion. I love dyed fabrics. It inspired some to dye yarns - so although we are a sewing guild, it promotes creativity in all different directions.

Here is a glimpse of a meeting I attended last night, and you can see by the smiles, how much fun there is to be had at a meeting.  I personally learned so many things about selecting liners and underlining fabrics from June last night. As she listed common mistakes made with fabric selections, I have to admit, I have made them all at some point.  Just knowing she is sparing others from costly mistakes was worth the price of admission!  Website resources on where each of us could learn more were provided:  Threads Magazine and the University of Kentucky made it to the top of the list.


Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Lining and Underlining? - Pam

Martha said...

Nice work, Cookie. Pam - my understanding is that underlining is attached to each fabric piece before any sewing takes place. Then the fashion fabric and interlining are sewn as one. Lining is generally kept mostly free of the fashion fabric.