Monday, October 17, 2011

Finding your own Project Runway!

Not all of us sew and design at a level to make it to Project Runway, but  we watch the show feeling a sense of camaraderie and gain inspiration from the designers.   The numerous designing challenges to make dresses out of random items, to create fabric with an HP printer, to appreciate the flair of design versus the "everyday street wear" and more!  
I love Anya from Project Runway. She was able to achieve designer fame overcoming her minimal sewing skills. Anya's sense of style, willingness to challenge herself, and innovative sewing techniques makes her a shining star in my eyes.  

I have learned much from Project Runway: 
  • The outfit must flatter the shape, 
  • The outfit should be a bit edgy,
  • It should appeal to the target audience,  
  • The garment should compliment the personality & style of the model!  

And now I am putting this information to use and have found my own "project" runway and so can you: 

Thanks to Halloween!
October 23, is Costume day at a chain pet store in my area.  I can hear your peals of laughter now! One of the stores, I contract with, shares a parking lot with a pet store. Those in my personal circle know quite well my enthusiasm and love for my poodles, Bentley and Stella.  Friends and business associates were not surprised to see me sprinting across the lot, with Stella in her stroller,  to enter her in the Costume Contest.   Stella is  entry # 1 on their Costume Contest list. 

Clue to the costume: Yes, Stella, has her own style & personal flair. Stella is flirty, and her loyalty is questionable at times, but she always comes back to me at the end! I have the design sketched out and it is kept under wraps shared with just a few sewing friends for feedback. 

I have  thrown out my store purchased pattern. I am taking a tape measurer to that 8 lb. wonder girl. Stella made it clear that she will not be duct taped up for a body double. However, I will make a quick muslin for the initial fit.  

 Lastly, I  learned that being on a time crunch pushes creativity.  So I am typing this on a plane headed to NYC and will return with 48 hours to “Make it Work”  with fabric or not! 

(Stella has already been stylishly groomed in preparation prior to leaving for NYC. No time to waste! I will make a quick stop at her groomers for their accessory wall to complete her look.)  Are you styling a costume for a favorite child, adult or pooch?  ~ Cookie


Anonymous said...

Stella is adorable in her pajamas. Did you make those? I hope you will post the costume pictures after her runway walk! Carin

Marjorie Paul said...

Cookie, you make me laugh as you tell about your "project" and the lovely Stella! Hope she comes in first!!

Cookie Gaynor said...

Carin, I do make her clothes because she is long waisted that ready wear does not enhance her svelte figure! The better all our clothes fit, the better we look!

Cookie Gaynor said...

At her first contest she came home with bags of treats. Close but she was uncooperative as she shook out her accessories. The accessories makes the outfit, so I am going to the "Wall" at Michael's to find smaller hair do-dads! I will MAKE IT WORK!