Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun on Halloween - sewing perfection not needed!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! Stella has three bags of goodies and she will be roaming the neighborhood with the other trick or treaters this evening.

Halloween for me has magical memories filled with friends, candy and mom telling me I had to wear a coat (which I ditched 2 blocks away, because who would see my costume through that?)  It was cold in New Jersey at that time of year for most of my Halloween years!  Of course, I don't remember having to do it with snow on the ground like many kids will be experiencing that today in NJ.

First Costume
I remember my kids growing up and all the costumes I stitched up for them: clowns, dragons, robotic ninja, lightening bugs, casper, Dorothy, pumpkins, hobos, witches and more.  I almost knocked off my head working that dragon's tail about the sewing machine to stitch it in place. The first costume I sewed for the kids was a clown, and it was the hardest because it was my first long zipper.  I must have put that thing in half a dozen times till I got it to be "passable".  So long ago, but I remember it well.  Both kids wore it for several years.

I should take a moment and thank my sister in law, Donna, who loaned me her machine to make that first clown costume.  BTW, Donna does not sew to this day - but look what a gift she gave me by her encouragment.

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Have a Happy Halloween!

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