Sunday, October 23, 2011

Useful tip for making a muslin when pattern fitting...

In the past, I have always made my muslin for pattern fitting out of plain cottons.  A dear set of sewing friends kept arriving to ASG meetings with nice outfits for show and tell saying this was their muslin! And then they would show the planned fashion fabric.  What?  Are you telling me that your show and tell is not the finished product?  You used that fabric because you just wanted to test the fit?  Really? 
So I gave it a try, for Stella. Before making the actual costume for my furry baby, I made a muslin with the fabric I had left over from bedding.  Stella, like so many of my girlfriends, is long waisted. Most dog clothes are not tailored to fit her. To speed things along, once fitted, I used a serger to assemble it quick.  

Cons of using printed fabric: 
  •  If you need a plain surface for alterations, a print can be annoying. This was a simple drafted pattern so it was not a problem. 

Pros of using less expensive fashion fabric: 
  • Great way to use up old fabric 
  • It does provide another opportunity to purchase inexpensive new fabric
  • It gives you permission to use that  fabric of "undetermined content" you purchased by the bolt!  

And guess what, if you take your time and finish it up nicely, you just might be able to use it in your wardrobe. In this case, Stella now has pajamas that fit her, and she can move about with comfort and warmth. Now I need to get to the real fabric and costume!


Bonnie Stewart said...

Love it, Cookie!! I just redesigned a UGA football jersey for my furry baby to make a 'gender transformation.' hehehe. Took the sleeves off and made them into a ruffle so it would be feminine. She wore it for last week's game! Will try to send you a photo.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Bonnie, I just saw the picture on my Facebook page. I love the dress. Great job, very creative - you need to hit the runway at every pet store for Halloween and collect your prizes!

Your furry Baby is adorable!

Pat Patterson said...

Cookie, the jammies for Stella are so cute. Don't think I can see my two golden retrievers in them though!

Cookie Gaynor said...

Pat, I can make the pattern larger.... I know that there are vets out there who suggest sweaters for puppies as they move into their senior years! Just say-in...

:) Cookie

Anonymous said...

Love the hint, I have always hated doing the pattern on muslim, now I think I might try the hint for sure!!