Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feeling Twisted? Tis the season for fun gatherings and you need to travel light...

Do your friends comment on your clear commitment to the color black! It's not that you lack a fondness for bright colors but basic black simply travels and works well for most working women. If you travel for business, even more so!  Black shoes, Black dress, Black Jacket, Black Skirt and some great  tank tops or solid silky Tees just right for a little splash of color, right?

The next two projects of our newsletter for is dedicated to you.  The current issue being sent has a great twisted scarf project and included with it is one of our new favorite designs. Your scarf project design is free by being a newsletter subscriber:  Join our newsletter list!

 In less than 5 minutes the design will stitch out and you can create a fabric that will wow your friends, whether you use it for the scarf, shawl or for a dress! The design set is from the Ornamental Medallion Embroidery Collection which has 12 designs in a 4x4 size, see several views and learn more...

The best thing about the scarf is that there is nothing to tie. It is one circular constructed scarf.  One scarf with several looks. This is our current project which will change after November 15, 2011, so don't miss out.

Accessories are key to any wardrobe.  With the basics covered, you can add dressy accessories and go from the board room to an evening celebration.  And these same accessories make wonderful gifts for friends and take no time to make.

I am so glad I made my body double because she has become my "free model".  And unlike my other model, Stella, she does not complain.  It's hard to believe that underneath that black dress and twisted scarf is a duct tape body.  If she can look good, I know that we can, too!

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