Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Make Something: Week 1 Holiday Gift Ideas

What are you going to bring for the hostess of your next holiday party?  Planning ahead can help tremendously.

Get your free sewing  instructions on making beautifully lined wine gift bags,  like us on Facebook , good through November 30th

Other fun gifts on the same theme include hand painted wine glasses. With special paints and the use of your oven, you can make a gift that will make any hostess smile. Or on the same idea, a hand painted vase with fresh flowers.

Cocktail napkins with monograms or one of our mini designs on the website.

 Wrapped candlesticks in newspaper tied with raffia and dried flowers makes a pretty presentation.

Gift soaps with embroidered flowers: Embroider flowers on nettings and trim them up once the stitching is complete.  Dampen the back of the embroidered flower appliqué with water, and adhere to soap. Add a matching hand towel.

Stitched by our customer Wanda L.
A fun journal for the inner child in all of us.  Directions in a video for making the journal are on the CookiesCreationsWebsite along with the design.

Perhaps some pretty luggage tags might put a smile into the evening.

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