Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My recipe for seeing the world differently and enjoying life...

Sometimes the holidays rush in so fast we can get lost in the mayhem and fail to give thanks and appreciate the beauty around us or the people who make life worthwhile.

 I  always carry a camera! I snap photos of friends, our surroundings and the activities we are up to.  Whenever I look at the photos later, I am thankful to have taken them. Often I note things I didn't fully notice at the time the photo was snapped.  From my photos, I extract colors for embroidery designs, sewing, scrapbooks, create themes and get inspired about life overall.
Holidays can be challenging at times. Consider taking pictures in the course of your daily activities. Soon you may find yourself giving thanks and enjoying a sense of inspiration in all that you do.
I am always reminded as the leaves change colors that autumn is as season  of change.  
Wishing you a fun November as we plan our holiday season centered on the people and events that inspire us.

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