Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 2: Making your gift memorable, more free project ideas...

In taking a break from working on the newsletter, I shared my first gift wrap of the season with my friends on Facebook and realized this would be a good topic to explore for gift ideas. Keeping this short because I have the newsletter to finish with more gift ideas and a free design for our subscribers to go out tomorrow night.

Whether you sew, knit, scrap book or make cards, think of ways to incorporate a part of who you are into the gift wrapping process.

This embroidered poinsettia design is the one we sell on the website for napkin rings but it does make a lovely substitute for bows, tree ornaments and pins.

Other ideas include covering chinese takeout boxes with fabric or fancy papers. Tying lace ornaments to your packages, or perhaps picking up those little silver frames at Big Lots and putting a favorite photo and mounting it to a bow.

It's the presentation of your creativity all wrapped up, so to speak! A gift of yourself to a dear friend which sets it apart for years to come.

Like us on Facebook and get your directions for making mitered napkins under Projects.  The Wine Bag project is also there.   If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter you can do so from our website in the upper right corner, or directly from our Facebook Fan Page.

Have fun today, as I plan to do a little decorating myself with company coming for dinner tonight!
~ Cookie

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