Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week Four: Challenging Baby Items to embroider!

We have been stitching up a storm this month and sharing ideas here, on Facebook, and in the CookiesCreations Newsletter.  If you love this little outfit and want the designs, they are yours free for being our newsletter subscriber!  Sign up is available through our main website and Facebook Page.  We use the Sock Easy for cuffs on shirts, pant cuffs, gloves and mittens. Anytime we have a small stretchy circular band to embroider, this little gadget is often the best solution as it keeps your fingers out of harms way.   Not everything is Sock Easy friendly.  An example is the front of this Baby shirt.  But the long sleeves would be Sock Easy friendly.

Step 1 - Mark the pants where you wish to add the design.  The top of the pin is the top of the design!

If the cuffs are not snug to the Sock Easy, pin the area by the blue tips of the Sock Easy closed, hoop as shown and place on sticky paper as usual! So instead of the single pin for design placement, there are three.  Two of which are forming "prong" pockets to keep the fabric spread apart. The Sock Easy on baby leggings works great as those stretch and you typically do not need pins!  Use the adult size unit when doing baby leggings.  Stitch as usual.

For a baby Tee, turn the shirt inside out and stitch as shown below. Slow the machine down so that you can manipulate the fabric as needed.  Tip:  Be sure the weave of the shirt is straight as you press it on to the sticky paper.  If you need more stability, consider aqua mesh water soluble, and at the end of the project, use Cloud Cover to keep the scratchy threads away from baby's sensitive skin. I get mine at

If you have the Quattro or Ellisimo machine, you can use the camera on the machine for exact placement. It was easy to see how much space I needed for the neckline using the camera.  These machines let you float your design to where you want it stitched.  Definitely worth a visit to your dealer to see how this is accomplished.


Sewconsult said...

I always learn some tip or am reminded of something when I read here. Hope all your projects are completed and you have a wonderful time with family and friends.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Thank you so much, Beckie!