Saturday, January 28, 2012

Doodle Away - Valentine Crafting from Paper to Sewing!

Are you also someone  who doodles?
Sitting in the "classrooms" of my childhood, I would always find myself doodling along the edges of my books and notebooks while the teachers disseminated valuable information.  In my world, it was either write a note to a girlfriend and pass it along the rows of seats, or doodle.  I experienced 'many a detention' after school for passing those notes or doodling.  (Don't tell my kids, as I always proclaimed to be a perfect student.) BTW, all of us who doodle in classes do not get poor grades, it's just an outlet for excess energy. 

And yes, I doodled in sewing classes, too.  In fact, I still doodle at seminars.   I sat in a class with a very well know peer instructor who was giving a class on designing lace.  She came to me at break and said, "Cookie, I would love to see what you are sketching?" Oh my, she kept insisting and so...I had to flip my paper and show her my spider webs. I think I see a spider web incorporated in the above initial sketch. But to this instructor's credit on the subject of lace - I did design some spider webs with Brother/Babylock software to create my first set of Halloween designs without jump threads.  Which just goes to prove that, if your child is caught doodling in class do not assume they were not paying attention 

Another mom shared truth:  doodling is not a sign of boredom but perhaps sometimes it is a sign of inspiration!

Many things we experience in life are often expressed in our crafting potential.  My husband worked for Turner Broadcasting for MANY years and with that I experienced the colorization of black and white movies.   Another experience was my investment in becoming a Martha Pullen Certified Instructor.  Can you see the impact of both these experiences in the final steps of my doodling?

I see the heirloom stitches, can you?

So where do we go from here?  What about a quilt?  Or creating an embroidery design? Or maybe photo stitch with the Flip Pal?  I can visualize them all in my future.  

So often I share a sewing project and discuss how scrap book or card making can influence it.  Clearly this "art therapy" time I spent this morning leans itself the other way around!  

If you doodle, embrace those sketches and scan them in or keep them in a book like I do! You never know how else you can incorporate them.

I love Valentine's Day and that is clear with the source of inspiration for my doodle above!  Enjoy and scribble away ~ Cookie


Martha said...

I love doodling too! This reminds me of zen doodling. Very cool.

Sewconsult said...

I use to doodle, but mine were more to practice my penmanship. My mother (91 yrs) grew up in an era when penmanship was practiced daily. She has had beautiful handwriting. When I was in the 6th grade, my home room teacher was compulsive about our penmanship. Having good penmanship is a dying art! As my hands begin the twists of arthritis, my penmanship is not as it once was. I love your heart doodle, but like the black and white version best. It allows the eye to flow where it wants to rather than the pink version where different parts stand out. (that may not make sense!)

Marjorie said...

Gollleee -- I love them both! Very artsy and lively! A wallhanging of the colored one would be pretty.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Martha, it is very much in the flavor of what is called zen doodling, or tangling. Anyone can do it. I never added borders to doodling growing up. I added a border and some color to reflect the current trends. I only had blue ink in history class!