Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's all in the wrap!

In the Hoop Gift in this month's newsletter!
For those that kept up with this blog over the December holidays, you know by now that I love to personalize gift wrap for presents that I create.  Of course, that also means, the wrapper becomes a project, too!

Loving scrap book tools, fabric, and ribbons the way I do, makes Valentine's Day a creative opportunity for fun in my project studio.  The CookiesCreations.com  newsletter was sent out earlier today. (You still have time to subscribe on our home page or directly in Facebook.) In reading the many responses to it, it is clear I am not alone with heart mania!  Thank you for the cheerful emails regarding our featured gift this month. As a reminder, there are more Valentine designs on our Facebook page.

Towel design is featured this month on our FACEBOOK

Our Tags are great "accents" to dress up jars filled with hot chocolate, or to adorn other gifts like baskets, handbags, or perhaps to use half the design and put it on a mini quilt for your special Valentine's and more.

This week, I am in the midst of Valentine festivities, decorating towels and adding tag to gifts.  I also purchased cute earring files from terradonembroidery.com for friends, and placed them in clear bags with confetti, and paper "from" tags, and filled a jar with confetti for a class at Ashby's Sewing for next month!  Busy, Busy!

~ Cookie!

Paper Craft TIP: I had to make a run to Archiver's today, because  I found all my markers in the colors I wanted were dry.  Store your markers FLAT!  I forgot that rule over the holidays.

A SHOPPING OPPORTUNITY: If you own no other punch tools, I would suggest purchasing two favorites that I use all the time for cards, pages, and sewing projects: one is a ribbon punch used to cut two slits for ribbons and the other is a tag punch for quick gift labeling.  You can see them used in the above gift wrapped photo.  Of course, you can always use this month's free embroidery newsletter design, but having one for paper comes in handy!


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