Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Turn that Page!

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If you love to sew and that is your main focus, you may have missed all the fun in the crafting world involving Smash books. Smash books are available in the scrap book and card making stores.  Little glimpses of them are coming into view in the sewing community.

What is a Smash Book? It is an adorable, and I mean totally adorable book that comes with a dual tip pen: on one end is a marker and the other end has glue stick.
The genuine Smash Book is made by K & Company. (Not Pictured)

What do you use a Smash Book for?  To quickly glue and smash onto pages all the little tickets and mementos that are clogging up your drawers!  Clean the clutter and be creative while doing so.  K & Company has done an outstanding job with their product. It's an old fashion scrapbook with post it tabs, pre-printed notes, etcetera to express yourself, while eliminating all the planning that goes into many scrapbooks.

Easily, you can see the embroidery and sewing applications.  Just about any design you own, if sewn with netting and a wash away stabilizer can become a free standing embellishment.

This photo does not show a "genuine'"Smash book, but it conveys the idea of it. Laughingly, this is how I use to glue things onto pages as a kid, so I could keep them off my mom's "throw out" radar. And then I would tuck it on my book shelf head board in plain view.  Do you think she knew this?
Hope you are loving the signs of Springtime and Fresh Beginnings! ~Cookie

PS - You Tube has their Smash Book, it's worth a watch :)

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