Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Sew Easy!

A few days in my world: Tax season pressures may divert many of us from sewing and embroidery or even simple chatting. The pressure of gathering up a years worth of life can be overwhelming, LOL! 

And then there is an unexpected pause!  In comes a tweet, then a couple of Face Book Fans saying I saw you on TV and a big smile crosses my face because it is true!
This past summer, I was invited to do a segment on one of the new sewing shows, "It's Sew Easy". 

The big flowers were created using the Flip Pal which I purchased from my local Brother Dealer: Ashby Sewing Machine Co. No doubt there is a Brother dealer by you, more than happy to sell you one, too. 

I had used many fabrics from my stash to create the "new" fabric for the front of the pillow. However, I had one piece of fabric left over that was beautiful with large flowers, but the motif of the fabric would have been lost in the process. Instead, I used a different approach to incorporate the theme of that fabric. I scanned the large motif with the Flip Pal mobile scanner. Next, I imported the scans using the easy scan software that came with the Flip Pal unit into my embroidery software. I created the flowers with the auto functions in my digitizing software.  Like the show's name the best way to describe the process of the floral creation, It's Sew Easy! 

Did you know the Green Room is green?  It should be so obvious but it was something I never thought about.  Why would I? I was busy "flipping out" over creating a project, writing up the hand-out, and creating samples for each of the steps. I flew to Ohio for the taping in a Barbie size plane.  Even carry ons were stored.Did I say really small plane? From the moment I walked through the KS, Inc. Productions studio doors, there were friendly faces at every turn.  I think I was the only "newbie" there that day.  I was so amazed watching all the talents create videos (and inwardly concerned on how this was going to work out on my end). 

According to Wikipedia, the Green Room "is a space to accommodate performers not on stage." Performer?  Me? Hardly, but I do think the best advice was to be myself and "gab" away and avoid scripting!" At the beginning it felt like scripting but once I was in front of the Quattro, I was right at home. The green room is the waiting room throughout the process. When you are not in front of those cameras, the green room is your snack room, too.  What the definition doesn't share: it is a place where new friends are made, and ideas are exchanged.The producer and staff were totally amazing.I was there with my heart pounding, because cameras are not the same as student's faces and they talked me through it. I also learned so much in repeated life lessons. 

Now I am busy stitching up three Crazy Quilt pillows as thank you gifts. One will be off to, see Episode 209, filmed in Aug just released now. The free directions on how to make the CQ pillow is available as a free download in that episode link. I am making matching pillows for Ashby Sewing for all their continued support and one for a gift prize for the Cookie's Creations Site for ? I learned so much in doing a TV presentation that I fully appreciate all the work that goes into every episode of any DIY type of show. From the designer, the producers, the underwriters, peers to the camera crew - all of them together create  an enjoyable format for all of us to watch and enjoy. If you do not get It's Sew Easy on your PBS station, write to them.  Let me save you some time.  To Find your PBS stations to request the inclusion of It's Sew Easy and another great sewing show: Sew It all.  If all of us who live in PBS areas where sewing shows are few, or nonexistent, join together we can make a difference. Encourage your dealers to support these type of shows on the local level and support those dealers.

Thank you to June Mellinger of Brother International Corporation and to Kathie Stull, Exec. Producer of It's Sew Easy for guiding me through the process and for extending to me the opportunity to be a part of Episode 209. 

For those that need a smile here is the link for the Brother clip I did on the Flip Pal. I have to smile as I recall the criteria:  keep it within 2.5 minutes or less and use the gift of gab. Prior to which, I had recorded the process of scanning not included in the clip for FB fans and you can see it on my website by clicking here. It was in answer to their questions on how to scan in a big graphic with such a small scanner.  


Kathy said...

This caught my eye because I just got a flip pal to scan family history photos, plus I have been looking to get a new embroidery machine. My machine is about 12 years old. Thanks for sharing this.

Cookie Gaynor said...


The Brother software works perfect for photo embroidery with the Flip Pal. Really beautiful Sepia version photos stitch out so easily. Since you are shopping for a new machine, look at the larger hoop machines. I see you are a genealogy enthusiast. Enjoyed perusing through your blog! Cookie