Monday, April 16, 2012

Growing Flowers and Transplanting them, in your embroidery world!

 My daisies collected have grown in size so "naturally" it is time to transplant them...

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I can't grow flowers in natural lighting where I live due to gorgeous trees, so growing them by embroidery machine has proven to be a successful adventure.  Putting them on pins makes "transplanting" easily. It is fun to stitch them with all types of thread and as you can see.

For headbands you should sew them securely on for babies and toddlers, as you would for any child's garment.  If the child isn't into tugging (referred to from this point as neat-nick kid) then you could use velcro to transplant flowers easily on headbands.

Loving all the colors, and types of threads available.  Not too fond of the striped one unless you had funky striped tights to go with it, perhaps!

Just a quick update on my progress! If you are one of our customers who is growing our flowers, I want to thank you for ordering the ITH Thread Painted Daisy Machine Embroidery Design!  The email responses have been wonderful. The design will be at the introductory price for a few more days.

PS - Lost my solar thread and that is my next hunt.  The glue gun is my new best friend for barrettes and pins. If you want to try a fringed flower, there is a free one on the CookiescreationsWebsite Fan Page! The design will be changing it in a few days. This lovely knitted and felted purse is from the book Pursenalities and it is well loved as it is a special gift.  The pins just keep it fresh!  Cookie

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