Thursday, April 5, 2012

How does your garden grow? A 4 step method for coping with thread addiction.

In my real world, my garden doesn't grow flowers that crave sun because our home is surrounded by trees in a wooded lot. But I love flowers as much as anyone. I do grow flowers but with my embroidery machine!
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With my wall full of threads as my palette, I can make daisies quite creative as these are made out of 100% embroidery thread.

I plan to embroider more daisies using threads I haven't touched until now.

Do you purchase pretty striped threads because the colors appeal to you, and yet they are still sitting unused after 2 years?

I'm a thread-a-holic, as if being a fabric-a-holic  is not enough. Maybe these collections are just a fashion statement of how my mind works.  Delighted with the results of this flower has made me sift through my drawers to see what other unusual threads that may prove interesting.  So now I have stripes, twists and solar thread.  I may need to walk the solar thread outside first to see if it still turns to bright colors in sunlight.  I heard a rumor that it has a shelf light.  I sure hope the "experts" are wrong because the set of thread I am looking at are in their original packaging.

Solar thread, do you own it, too?

So what are the four steps to growing a creative garden with this design and enjoying all that thread you have been storing?

  1. Grab all that thread you have been collecting
  2. Load the daisy design into your machine
  3. Follow easy directions to stitch them up
  4. Rinse gently

I will let you know how the solar experiment works out, as I am planning to make some headbands with them for Mimi's favorite baby!

I also love herbs, but unlike flowers I don't want them out of thread as my goal is to cook with them! This is an Aero-garden filled with spices. Thank you to my daughter who empathized with my plight. I am  sharing these gardening tips with you just in case you have similar challenges. Remember, "Where there is a will there is a way!"

Fresh Basil Pesto

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