Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When Embroidery Friends Gather...

Left to Right: Barbara Hershey Handler, Dianne Pomeroy
(Event Coordinator), Michele Murray and Cookie

Every year since 1999, embroidery enthusiasts have gathered at the American Embroidery Conference.

Over the years, people have gathered and shared their enthusiasm for embroidery. Many friendships were formed and several teachers began their careers on the floor of the AEC. Special memories of late night chats with Dianne, Queen of the AEC, over web changes and laughter over the antics of AEC mailing list members who kept everyone on their toes. So many people helped to make the AEC special.

Although the AEC draws to a close, the spirit in which it was started continues on.  Emails fly around the world between friends who met at the conferences.  Teachers gather at private gatherings to hone their skills and laugh over the crazy things we did at the shows. Attendees will continue to shop and promote the vendors they have come to know.  And Dianne will actually take some time to sew and who knows what else?

Oh Judy, you are quite the shutter bug!
And with crazy things being the theme of my own classes this year, I left bodies lying around my classroom and not a tear was shed!

The Evil Twin Dress Form Class was quite the conversation at the conference and we certainly had a blast in the classroom creating our body doubles. Imagine walking into a room that has two twin beds and your supplies were duct tape, bandaid surgical scissors, spray foam and a long T-shirt. We had fun and managed to complete our dress form tape-in for both classes.


Special thanks to Michele Murray, Stevie Doughty, Ann Huffman and Amy Webster who helped in the birthing of the Evil Twins!

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