Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Attending Hobbyist Gatherings: When old meets new...

Why attend events when you can You Tube & Google your hobbies for free?

Last week, I had the privilege of attending an annual Serger Seminar orchestrated by Dawn Wenner owner of with the projects taught by Missy Billingsly.

It was great fun being the student, and I happily gathered my supplies as listed in the packet.  I had many fun fabrics in my stash from previous finished projects but I needed two more to make them all work together. As luck would have it, "Sew Main Street" in Woodstock, GA had the teal with red flower print and the red and white print. Other photos of projects made can be seen on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Fan Page.

Definitely worthy of a shopping adventure if you are in their neck of the woods.

When old meet new was the them that kept running through my head throughout the event.  It is a treat  to visit with old friends while making new ones. Taking old fabric (last season in my stash) to combine with new fabrics to keep everything fresh.

Learning how to take previously purchased crystals and combining them with new ones  thanks to  Watching Missy take command of the classroom  while remembering her as an attendee taking classes many years ago.

Thank you Dawn & Missy!
There are many wonderful reasons to attend events where people share your enthusiasm for a hobby. However, the one thing that all of them have in common is the power of friendship.

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