Friday, June 22, 2012

Photostitch-ing my world!

Floral Photo taken in Rome, Converted to Embroidery Stitches in Kennesaw!
PhotoStitch Workshop tomorrow, Saturday at Ashby Sewing in Kennesaw GA 10:30!  I have suggested that the attendees bring their digital cameras and Flip Pals for some hands on help in addition to watching me "walking through the software" - step by step.

With Brother announcing their first time ever photo stitch contest, how fun would it be to see your own customers enter it?  You have to love Free Help.

I turned the PhotoStitched design of the flowers into a case for the reader-writer box.  It has a magnetic closure on the back thanks to the suggestion of our club members.  So this evening I have ensured that the download notes are ready for tomorrow and the teacher has sleep.  If you can't be in the class tomorrow, I will also have parts of the "how to" in this months newsletter.  Good night!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job there, hey tell me more about the Brother contest with photo stitch!! Wish I was closer to come to your class tomorrow.