Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bead Dazzling! When the crafting past meets a new twist...

Basic things I have found to be true when learning any new hobby:

  • Reading up on the various techniques and learning a few clearly defined terms
  • Taking a few classes to learn how to do it right the first time.
  • Finding the right materials for the project at hand
  • Stocking additional materials for later - the STASH
  • Thinking of ways to connect a new craft skill with current hobbies

There was a time in my life where you could find me sitting and beading up a costume for dancing or skating. Costuming was the original inspiration for my need to sew! Embroidery creations grew from that...
Recently, I have been sewing a new project for a segment on It's Sew Easy, TV and I was inspired to add beads for interesting detail and sparkle!

I found my "old collection" of beads and to my delight there were several varieties of glass and pearl beads, however, I didn't have the right color to truly enhance the project. LOL! Doesn't this sound like a sewer hunting for the perfect fabric in her sewing stash?

And so the hunt began!

I looked at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and more and couldn't believe how much was available as a "walk in" customer.  Years ago, I would have to place a direct call to NYC to order what I needed. Using my "collecting" experience from sewing, I quickly returned home to the internet. I began an online search for products and was wowed.

And then I followed my own sewing advice to newbies:

When learning a craft, take classes from experts to avoid costly mistakes in techniques and poor purchases because not all tools are equal, etc.  
Now I needed a class. This was not a You Tube moment as I wanted to touch every style of bead. Back to the internet because phone books are non existent in my home. I researched beading stores in my area.  Again, it was another wow! I found the most adorable store, Bead Hive in Marietta, GA.  Naturally I found the perfect beads for my sewing project but like any one who sews knows "it is good to have a stash of supplies, just in case!"  In realizing that I would have beads left over, signing up for a bracelet making class would be smart, so I signed up for Wanda Jordan's class. Thank you, Wanda!  I love the bracelet and yes, I did get the book you recommended.

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