Monday, September 17, 2012

Get your game face back on! Another SMS freebie...

Just returned to Atlanta after spending a weekend up in New Jersey, celebrating my father in law's birthday. May we all have his energy, mobility and personality at 90 - Happy Birthday, Eli!

The Embroidery Game is in full swing...

For those reading this blog for the first time, is playing an embroidery game:  Social Media Safari for designs, gathering free embroidery designs to complete our complimentary set of 10.

The third design in our Safari search is available for free download on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Fan Page.  Like us on Facebook, and download your free designs right now. Join us as we hide designs through our various social media links.  This week it is Facebook.

Learn how to take part in our Social Media Safari for Designs found in my Sept 7, 2012 blog post!

Embroidery is an Art Form!

For those passionate crafters who enjoy seeing the art work of others, I found this delightful exhibited art piece in a small museum in Marietta, GA during an arts festival show:

All the netted areas are actually embroidery.  Quite a striking piece of art when viewed in person.

Title:  Stirring by Deeann Rieves

Artist's Description:  Mixed Media & Machine Embroidery on Cut Wood Panel

More photos from that show of quilted art can be found on our Fan Page.

Thanks for playing along in our first Embroidery SMS!


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