Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Round 4 in my design Safari!

Design 4 of 10 is now released as a freebie to our newsletter subscribers.  You can join the newsletter by going to my home page and joining in the box located in the top right corner of the home landing page.

The first two in the collection can be found on my FanPage under FreeDesigns for a limited time.  When the SMS (our Social Media Safari) design game is over, the designs will be replaced with something new.  How the game is played is posted here see September 7 post.  Other information is also posted on 9/17, if you are extra curious!

Fridays will begin a series on organizing the sewing room. This will be DIY items for you to create and use as you plow through the disorganized areas of the sewing room.  I will share with you that my sewing studio and office was classified and organized with the helped of Michelle Cooper from and since then I have referred her "work" to many friends. Michelle is so wonderful that I suggested her to ASG and she will be the guest speaker at Common Threads, October 20 for ASG in Atlanta.  Michelle had no idea what she was getting into when she stepped into my world.

The games will continue but on Fridays, I will share a few DIY ideas to help decorate while you are in the organizing mood! Some of these items will make good gifts, too...