Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Found an Awesome Pattern: it's a test!

Now that my fabrics are organized, I decided to shop for patterns!

I fell in love with these cute reading cushions, "The Sweet Seat" LL-1217 by Little London and are a perfect size for that special little one to enjoy.  It also lends itself for that important adult that needs to rest his/her feet.  Just a change in fabric, and an easy height adjustment, that is provided in the pattern directions makes it all possible. Located the pattern at Sew Main Street, Woodstock, GA.

It's not enough to buy it, one has to actually sew it together!  I resisted adding fabrics to my collection with a vow to make a cushion from my organized stash.

Earlier today before lunch, I went to my fabric baskets and searched for coordinating fabrics focusing in on the color pink.  I have my reasons for Pink, (for the favorite toddler in my world.)  With the Pink, Yellow and Green-Blue basket drawers, I was able to mix and match fabrics easily.
Love the owls, who doesn't?  But upon further consideration, I realized I would like this to be non directional so if one side gets stained with "something" the other side would be a flip away!
So back to my baskets I went to find a replacement fabric!
Embroidered In The Hoop Tags
Available at
I quickly and easily folded the owl fabric back into its spot using the method posted last Friday here on the blog. I grabbed muslin for the lining fabric. Following clearly written directions, I began  cutting out all the pieces. You can use pre-packaged piping but  I chose to cut my own from the fabrics selected. It's a circular cushion and the piping needs to be cut on the bias.  The directions explained in easy to understand words the process of making bias strips to create the piping trim. Being a rogue, I chose to do the continuous bias method made with a square.  If you are familiar with making bias in this manner, I used a 15 inch square and created 100+ inches of trim. There are several links for Continuous Bias Binding for you to google if you are unfamiliar with doing this method and you are curious.



The circle pattern is lightly drawn inside the direction pamphlet. I traced it on to pattern paper rather than cut up my directions!
Now with all the pieces cut and placed on my table, I can have a fresh start tomorrow! Any idea what we are going to organize this Friday?  Start sorting those patterns!

Hope you were able to take some time for yourself to be creative!  Tomorrow is another day :) Cookie


MaryB said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Sweet Seat! Also, I really like your post on fb.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Thank you Mary. I will be posting on until completion with photos.

Maiden Jane said...

That is so cute! Do you stuff it with something?

Cookie Gaynor said...

Hi Jane,
Bean bags pellets, and I have already started pricing them. You can order them at Walmart online for about $15 and then pick them up at the store to save on shipping. ~Cookie