Friday, October 26, 2012

How to be Totally Stable in the Sewing & Crafting room...

Challenge:Stabilizers that we love and use for sewing and crafting!

Adding new organizing
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Do you have bolts, rolls, packages, and flat samples of stabilizers?   Sort it into three main groups: soluble, tearaway and cutaway. Look at your sorted piles. The size of the piles determines what type of organizers you need. For bolts and long rolls, consider tall stylish hampers and attractive trash cans.  It's not about the look of the container as much as it is about the function.  Rolls can go in cylindrical or 4 sided shaped hampers.  Bolts on flat boards have too much wasted space in a round shaped can or hamper.  I have used hampers for the larger bolts and rolls. Wine racks work quite well for the small and medium sized stabilizer rolls purchased at sewing and crafting stores. And some wine racks will work for all size rolls. For commercial size rolls, wine racks are not a viable choice. Check out the pictures of organizers that may work for you.  I do keep adding to the boards regularly.

Be sure to test the "lean ability" regarding the strength of the container walls.  I purchased two fabulous hampers at the Bed Bath and Beyond store and then another hamper that looked identical at another discount store.  Saved $10 and then I got home.  The liner inside the $9.99 was shorter than the exterior of the hamper.  Valuable space was lost and not so user friendly.  The cheaper container went right back to the discount store and was replaced by the $19.99 version. I saved square footage in my room and that is where I saved money! With the right coupons you can save a lot of money.

Avoid hampers with lids, as you may end up with taller rolls or bolts over time. Various heights above shows why you don't want lids.  Before you organize the bolts, make sure the size works with growing room in mind. This is a top view while sorting, and once these bolts are organized, the bins look (and emotionally feel) great as you walk in the room. For the stabilizers in flat packages and pieces, either roll them in on empty wrapping paper rolls (start collecting those) and place them into the established bins. If the pieces are too small consider plastic clear boxes with easy to read labels with the same categories:  water soluble, cutaway, tearaway. If at all possible, keep the containers in the same area with your bins.  If you are using a wine rack, pick one with a flat table top so you can set the bins right there, as one suggestion.

 Keep it simple and think about the purpose. 

Tip: When you open a roll of stabilizer, put the label inside the roll.  I dot all the water soluble rolls with BLUE, just in case I lose the label. The newest stabilizers look so similar to each other that you should consider a dot color system, just in case! A water soluble that first tears away and then washes away, could have two dots: one for water soluble and another color denoting tear away.  Apply this to all your stabilizers that come in rolls, bolts and plastic containers! Red, blue and black markers are easy dot makers.

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