Friday, October 5, 2012

Ready to sit down and enjoy the evening!

Finished sewing the LL Sweet Seat . Resorted to steaming up a room so I could easily funnel the foam beans purchased at Walmart for $11.99 and I have enough to make two more seats!

Don't overfill because you want it comfy. It is so light that I know my favorite 2 year old will have no problems dragging it around the room. From cutting the fabrics, to sewing and filling it up - 4 hours in total over 3 days spread out. At no time was I rushing through it.

On a side note, for the next one I make - I will line the top and bottom circles as well using a serger overlock stitch. If the child is not inclined to eat the beans, a zipper could go in the side seam.  Just stray thoughts as I was sewing this up.

Start sorting your patterns as we will organize those next


T.E. said...

that turned out great. It is the perfect size for her and she will look adorable toting it around;)

wanderingneedle said...

I love this! I have a favorite 2-year-old, and she has friends! You mentioned you would line the top and bottom circles; what would you line it with? I just ordered the pattern so I haven't seen it yet, but I am thinking of adding a pocket to the side if it wouldn't make it off balance to have something in it like a book.

Cookie Gaynor said...

The pattern calls for sewing a lining fabric to the long sides of 2 rectangles prior to assembly. I would do the same thing to the top and bottom (circles) prior to assembly. Pocket is a cute idea but you will lose the "flip" during usage and since it is bean bag like, it might droop so give placement a test first.

wanderingneedle said...

I didn't think about the flip factor - most important to a 2-year-old! Thanks for the tip about the lining. I look forward to making this when my pattern gets here!