Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sewing Project This Week...Reading Buddy!

What would a reading cushion be without a Reading Buddy? With the scraps left over from making the sassy seat last week there was just enough fabric to make this simple teddy bear.

It was easy to make the arms, legs and ears from one fabric and the face and body with a coordinating selection.  The skinny strips left over from the piping on the chair, made it quick to create one long strip tube and use the Fast Turn tool to make the ribbon.

Any small toy pattern works well for using scrap fabric.  I will add the bear pattern on the weekend to the website.

Button eyes are in a little bag for the future, but currently buttons wouldn't be appropriate for this princess in training.

I am packing this gift up tomorrow, and adding a colorful story book. Wish I could be there on the other end, when it gets opened :)  Happy Sewing, Cookie

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Sharon L. said...

The bear and cushion is so cute. I'm sure that the receiver will love it. I use to make bears like that about 40 years ago for my friends that were having babies. I would dress them up in diapers and other baby things and package it up in a large box so it would look like a "baby". Everyone loved them. I have to look and see if I can find that pattern in all my stuff. I hope that I can find it.