Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweet Seat continuation from Wednesday

Yesterday's cutting adventure really helped the assembly of the pattern pieces today. If you make the pattern and have not inserted piping before, note that the pattern calls for 3 yards with little to spare. Another tip, Instead of basting the side panels, I used the serger for attaching the liner to the finish fabric making it easier to manipulate the side fabric panel to the circular panels later in the project assembly. Brief mention is made on easing the circular fabric as you sew.

fold the circles in quarters and mark the four folds with pins. Divide the side panel into fours, using the side seams as two of the folds and use pins to mark the other 2 folds. Match the circle marks to the side panel marks. Keep subdividing pinning points as you "ease" meaning fit all the circle fabric to the side panel.The pattern fit well together with easing, and measurements were perfect.

Instead of Appliqué, I personalized with a subtle monogram. I had this stray thought while adding embroidery: Love my Mighty Might hoops, the magnets really are strong and the hooping board is the best. They work great with Brother and Babylock 6 and 10 needle machines.

I will stitch up the last seam in the morning. If I did it at this late hour, I would mess it up! an experience sewer can put this project together in an afternoon of uninterrupted sewing bliss!

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