Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Creating "Crazy" in your garments

To create your garment you will need a pattern, fabric strips, five sided shape, foundation fabric (muslin is perfect), thread, sewing machine, sewing thread and decorative thread.  This technique does not require a fancy machine, you can use your utility stitches to decorate the seams. If you have a fancier machine, this is an excellent project to play with all those decorative stitches!

Select the pattern while avoiding darts and other bulky seams as crazy quilted fabric is already dense from the foundation fabric, fabric pieces added, plus decorative stitches and perhaps even embroidery.  If this idea of density doesn't gel with you, then perhaps you haven't watched our how to video, so do that now as it is free.  You can do this project easily after watching it.

With supplies gathered you will need to cut a foundation fabric for each pattern piece needed.  In the project I am making this week, I plan to Crazy Quilt the front of the jacket and arms of the jacket leaving the back of the jacket in a blue denim type of fabric.  At least that is the plan as of today. Bright colored garments on little ones are cheerful!

One way to do garments is to create the fabric and then cut out the patterns from it. I find it more efficient to cut out the pattern piece from the muslin adding 1" all the way around and applying strips to it, with the method shown in the video.  Later, just prior to assemble, I will cut the pattern to the actual size of the pattern pieces to account for the shrinkage that occurs during embellishment.

The next step is to create the fabric for each piece following the steps outlined in the video linked to our website.  I have four pieces in total.  2 arms, 2 jacket front pieces to quilt away for today. On the left is what I have done so far!

I will continue the process on the other three remaining pieces. Tomorrow,  we will explore decorating them with stitches.  Hope you will try it, too.  Even a square for a pillow will cement the technique in your mind. Go ahead and try it!

Whether you do a garment, a pillow, or the front of a purse, this resulting project will be treasured for years to come.


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Martha said...

Cute, Cookie. Love the choice of colors. So cheerful!