Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorative Stitching Exploratory...

The crazy quilted jacket is coming along... see blog post November 20 for additional details


With the holiday weekend, we have factored more days into working this project.  As you can see, all the pieces for the Crazy Quilted portions of the jacket have been stitched up.

In adding decorative stitches are sewn on the seams, with the option to sew inside each area, or do both!  Time is short, the sample here is done on the seams.

After decorative stitching is completed, you might add  curved lines across the fabric (perhaps with some glittery thread), or  free motion quilting.  For embroidery software enthusiasts create a stipple in your embroidery software and embroider the fabric using your border hoop across the fabric.

Embroidery Machine Tip: Save the stipple border in different hoop sizes directly on your machine to keep them handy for the future. Can't make your own stipple designs? I have a few already done in the CookiesCreations yahoo group along with a few other goodies.

It was a warm day when I started this project last week but now that the cold weather has arrived in  Atlanta,  last minute decision to add a thin layer of cotton batting was made.  (This could have been added to the foundation layer, earlier on.)

A Crazy Quilted garment can be done with or without cotton batting.  Do not cut the patterns down to size until all embellishment is completed. We save that step just prior to assembly.

For those who are free motioning, remember to lower the feed dogs, set to a straight stitch, read the tips in your manual, slow movement with faster needle at a speed which you can control.  Keep the lines rounded and avoid sharp turns. Remember to breath and sit directly in front of the needle. Take breaks and work on each area in sections to keep the process fun!

The white background on the left is the batting which was added at the last minute. Even the batting won't be trimmed away yet. Saving time is important at this time of year without sacrificing quality.

Once you are at this point, decide on which appliqu├ęs or embroidery designs you wish to add. Consider the motifs in the fabric, the colors, and whether you want the additional embellishment to stand out or to become part of the fabric overall.

I want mine to become part of the fabric and blend in. I will digitize something later today and have it up tomorrow! (and the assembly process will begin).

The original pattern used is Simplicity 9275, however many jacket patterns work well in the Simplicity line.  Baby 3582, Toddler 2292, Women's sportswear 1944, 4789 to name just a few.  Avoid darts especially if you are using a thin batting layer.

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What a fun and creative project.

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