Saturday, December 1, 2012

Glues to bond with!

What glue to use when I make jewelry, purse decor and ornaments:

I glue our Beautiful 3-D Poinsettias made entirely in the hoop with  favorite thread colors to various findings for accessories worn and also used in home decor.  With the right glue, there are so many wonderful uses for the poinsettias and Daisies, too.

Heirloom lace embroidery can be glued in place using Elmers, the method outlined below. Obviously, wash-away glue is not to be used for items that will never be washed, as it can discolor over time.   

Quick tip: with so many different glues on the market you may wonder which ones work best for sewing and embroidery.  At Cookiescreations, I have tried most bonding agents in gluing pins, books, headbands, place cards, ornaments and more.  Aleene's glue is still the leader because it dries flexible and clear with a great bond to fabrics and threads as well as to the metal findings we use weekly. The challenge is finding the right glue that works with both metal and textiles.  This one does the trick. Plastic clothes pins are great when you need to add pressure while the bonding is drying

For wash away glue as used in holding ribbons and binding together prior to sewing, Elmer's school glue rocks! Clear drying and washes out easily. Put it on thinly, and press with hot dry iron, and it will give you pin-less sewing pleasure as you work with appliqués, ribbons, and even zippers! When the item is washed the glue residue is removed.  Aways test your fabrics first.
Cookie's Creations, L.L.C.

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