Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Segment: Organizing by Filing with Technology!

After years of collecting embroidery designs, graphic files, photos, scrapbook elements here are a few pointers To consider when organizing files on the computer hard drive.

Tip one: Avoid confusion as you collect files. Keep embroidery files, graphic artwork, photos, and digital scrapbook elements in separate folders.  With in those folders, sort by source and with in that source create folders for the various collections you purchase. Do not change the names of the files because you may end up repurchasing the same files repeatedly.

Tip two: If you have already saved design files or graphics by naming what you think they "should have been called", you now may have some duplicate files.  If you teach classes for several events and have saved documents, designs, etc. in several folders and would like to now save space on the computer there are different softwares that will remove duplicate files.  I have always used the Embroidery Deduper software on my Windows based computers to remove duplicate embroidery designs, documents and photos.  It is simple and it does an excellent job in cleaning up things within minutes.  I recorded two videos a while back but both of them do show how and why I like the software and it certainly has new features added since these were originally done, but worth a watch if you want a quick overview on ways to use it.  I have sold many at CookiesCreations.com website discounted with the same good customer service provided by Gransworkroom, the creators! Clay Stovall the creator is not only software savvy, he does embroidery himself and therefore the software is tested constantly. Improvements have been made and those are included on cookiescreations.com in Detail in the Product Description.The reason I have used this product is that it actually compares the data in the file, rather than the name of the file.  If I were to decide duplication based on file names, I would have deleted many Teddy Bears :( and monograms in my own embroidery collection. The Embroidery Deduper removes duplicate files quickly, as well as unzipping files, removing empty folders, getting rid of formats you don't need, etc.

Do you enjoy photography, digital scrapbook creation or have tons of documents that are duplicated? Here I demonstrate using it with photos, but you can also do the same with doc files.

Tip three: Back up your computer regularly. I prefer the portable hard drives because they travel well. If you have a desktop then certainly a big back up hard drive is fine.

Tip Four: If you keep a file drawer of lesson plans or projects, duplicate it on your hard drive with the folders representing the drawers, and the files are the actual lesson plans or projects.

Tip Five: Use your computer Calendar and Smart phone: put your life in sync.  Tied together, they can do more for you than a pen and paper.

Tip Six: Look at your calendar and when you have free time slots, go have fun crafting in your organized Sewing and Craft room.


Sewconsult said...

Good tips. I am using Carbonite for backing up all my files.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Beckie, carbonite is a good plan for backing up. I forgot to mention the cloud for backups. Excellent point, thanks!