Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random but honest thoughts on crafting for the holidays...

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Life is one big crazy quilt...

The realization that  life is made up of so many slices of personal experiences that life itself is one big crazy quilt. Some of the stitches are perfectly sewn and others need some back stitches. Like in life, as we sew or craft, we must overlook small imperfections in our projects and instead focus on the overall effects our efforts will have.  No doubt if you sew or craft with another medium, you also appreciate the amount of time and effort a handmade gift takes and the love that is poured into it.

The holidays are rushing in and gifts need to be stitched, glued, quilted and more. Every year, I post holiday projects (please share yours projects back either here or on Facebook) to help inspire us to sew and craft this season.  Pick your recipients for your treasures with care. Knowing that someone who is going to love your creative gift and be a wonderful reciever with grace and appreciation will make the fun process more fun and ultimately quicker.

This first week into projects, I am going to feature a crazy quilted jacket I am working on, but before adding those photos in a post, you may want to go through your own scraps and give crazy quilting a review or a first try.  This way you will be able to replicate what I will be working on this week.

How to brush up on CQ!

I have taught Crazy Quilting techniques for years using scraps from various projects to make handbags, vests, jackets, and little zipper bags. Embroidery adds dimension and the fabric makes a beautiful themed work surface. Who doesn't enjoy things being neat on the surface? I feel that way about the sewing surface and over the years have perfected my method to prevent wrong things being sewn in, like tails of other fabrics. I keep all the fabric I cut away neatly on the floor. Okay, I throw it there, to keep my working surface clean.

There is a free video which shows how I do so in a neat and orderly fashion on the website found under videos menu bar. It is a simplified earlier version than the one I did for the PBS show "It's Sew Easy". Give it a watch, and enjoy! And hopefully you, too, will love this technique and give it a try!

Brush up s while Thanksgiving is happening.  It is not the time to start that major sewing project leaving scraps everywhere.  Practice only.  Spend time with the family and if a youth or friend comes into the sewing-crafting room, or scrap book room, teach them!  You can do this technique with paper, too, as I did last week to the ASG sewing guild in Roswell last week :)

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