Friday, November 30, 2012

The tale of the whale jacket is completed!

A few pointers that you may wish to consider when completing your jacket.  If the recipient is always feeling a bit chilled, add a layer of thin batting to the back piece.  Free motion or machine embroider a series of stipples blocks to keep the layers together.If you don't own a stipple design for your embroidery machine, then get a free set of stipples blocks on CookiesCreationsWebsite FanPage.

When lining the jacket, be sure to pick a fabric that is not stiff.  Your crazy quilted fabric adds plenty of body to the jacket, and you want the interior of the jacket to feel soft.

Choose a fabric already in your jacket or consider a soft cotton flannel or a light weight denim.  As you stitch the seams, press them and trim away the excess to reduce bulk. (a.k.a. Grading) Clip all curves in the process of assembly. The Simplicity Patterns suggested in my earlier posts provides these useful tips.  With so many different smaller companies producing  patterns, these tips are not always included. Just emphasizing these points as they make a big difference on how professional the final results will be.

One more gift is completed and remember if you forget how to Crazy Quilt, the video is on our website to watch as often as you need to! And the assembly tips are here on this blog 2012 November!

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