Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tied up in Bows - Organizing Ribbons in your craft and sewing world!

sorting ribbons
Whether you craft with glue, embroidery or sewing, all of us have ribbons on spools, in packets, baggies, and in jars. Stabilizers like ribbons come in all different shapes and sizes for different purposes. Both ribbons and stabilizers can be a challenge to organize.

Keeping organization as simple as possible

 Ribbon organizers come in all different shapes. The one on the left is a base with a dowel drilled into it made by Ron which served great in the early years.  But like all stashes, as the ribbon collection grew the dowels needed to be longer and  more of them were needed. Too much surface space was being used to hold these mighty towers!

Color sorting works best with ribbons. If you can't pick a predominant color, than by all means put stripes together, plaids together, etc. After years of doing this, I simply make a decision on what is the main color and go for it! Above was a color collection split into color ways as an example.

There are wonderful towel racks that mount to walls which are very handy and available at local discount chains like Target, Big Lots, Walmart and more that will work for ribbons. If you don't know what kind of containers to initially look for then look at the sorted ribbon piles for size and shape and then see this Pinterest board for suggestions: Organize Yourself

Chaos - prior to sorting when new ribbons arrive!
The one used the most in my studio is the Clip-its version which has a place for scissors, a tape measurer built in, ample room for ribbons plus a rack underneath fro other items or more ribbons. I love embroidering socks so having a nice supply of socks and ribbons is important. The rack on the right even has a place for scissors. This easy to install rack is available at scrap book stores, archivers, amazon and more. Extremely useful and keeps all the ribbons in view, which is really nice.

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