Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Consider the thought behind your crafted gift: Sew many gifts in so little time!

The thought behind a present can sometimes be more valuable to the receiver than the actual gift.
Feeling totally happy as I put an 8 year in the making quilt into the mail yesterday as a holiday gift for a dear friend. I started it in 2004 and completed it on December 12, 2012! And only she will know the rest of the story for what occurred during the 8 years in-between. From the moment I began it to the last stitch in the label on the back, it was meant for her. There are many reasons why it is special to me and hopefully the same for her.  I realized in completing the quilt that, like Facebook, this quilt had a timeline.  Maybe it is the geek in me, but I outlined the quilt's life in her card knowing she would totally get it.

Little and large memories make a gift special. Perhaps you are giving some presents that might have an interesting time line to include with the gift for the recipient.  It need not be a quilt but rather anything you are making that has a story behind it.  We expect scrapbook pages and quilts to tell a story but before you put that purse, or jacket or DIY jewelry in a box to give away - add a note and share the tale.

ITH Design available at cookiescreations.com
Have you ever had the experience of someone telling the story behind the creation of a quilt at a show? When someone shares the story behind a quilt - we love it all the more. The same holds true when someone gives home baked goods and we hear it was their mother's recipe and oh my, they included it with the cookies!  It says my heart was in to the making of this gift, the time spent matters, and you are special.

Gift Idea with a push of the embroidery machine button:
A favorite machine embroidery design available in most formats at cookiescreations.com is this beautiful poinsettia napkin ring. The veining and outlining are separated to permit the changing of threads, although these photos show the design stitched with one color.   Both the flower and the napkin ring stitch entirely in the hoop.

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Anonymous said...

The quilt turned out beautiful and I'm sure she will love and appreciate all the thought you put into it.