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Embroidery Software Points to Ponder ...

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There are many brands of embroidery software on the market. Many of them will create designs in various embroidery machine formats which gives plenty of choices.

Things to consider when selecting embroidery software to create your own designs:

Does the software write in the format your specific machine requires or will you need to add a conversion software? How large of a design can you create with the software based on your machine's hoop sizes? If you have a machine that does not have a USB port: what method will you use to get the design to the machine? Is the software for editing, digitizing (creating your own embroidery designs) or both? Is there built in lettering? How many fonts? Does it have monogramming? What type of operating system, etc.  does your computer need to have in order to run the software effectively? How much computer memory is recommended?

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When purchasing embroidery software, first check to be sure that there is a software support system in place.  Make sure that any classes offered are at times and locations which make it feasible for you to attend.  If you purchase software on line,  be sure that there are good tutorials which come highly recommended by users. 

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Ask lots of questions until you understand clearly the capability of the software you are looking at. You are purchasing more than software, you are buying into the staff for support.  Be sure they have trained individuals to give you the beginner classes needed to get you up and running.   Most stores will offer more advanced classes for later on.  Spend some time and look at the class offerings - it is good to know whether a store (or website) is investing time into the education of their customers.

Bargain pricing without lessons has proven not to be a smart investment. Having taught software for 16+ years, I have seen what happens when instruction is not provided: frustration by consumers.  But within the first few hours of instruction, I have personally watched customers become thankful that they finally understand the basics and continue on to become good digitizers.  Several now own fabulous embroidery design  websites!  Your research for both pricing and support will pay off adding value to the software that you select.

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