Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keeping supplies organized while taking a class!

Have you ever taken a class at a store and arrived feeling flustered and not in sync?

Whether you are taking  a sewing, quilting, or paper craft class, stress is instantly removed when you feel organized in your "spot".  There are many patterns on the market for pads with pockets that you can slide under your machine.


Here are a few quick easy things to do to make supplies easy to find:
I will add more suggestions on the next post...
  • If there is a table cloth where your are sitting, use it!  With straight pins attach a plastic bag to hold your kit, and a small lunch bag to toss your scraps into.  
  • Have two trash bags if a waste basket is not furnished close to where you are sitting. This avoids sewing or gluing "strays" to your project at hand! 
  • Keep trimming scissors either attached to you on a long ribbon or retractable scissor holder, or attach them to the bottom of the sewing machine on a long cord.
  • Place any "working threads, adhesives,  and needed accessories for the project in some type of easy access container.
(P.S. If there is no tablecloth, tape your bags to the edge of your workspace with painter's tape.)  

If you want to make a fabric tray like this one, the DIY (detailed directions) can be found on the Projects page of CookiesCreations Facebook !

Not into DIY on this type of tray, then simply use a box lid or plastic tray.  I prefer to put my larger scissors and markers in a standing plastic holder designed for Q-tips and Cotton balls.  

By doing this, my table surface is clear except for the tray and a small plastic holder. I keep the spare parts under the table.

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