Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Holidays... Survival of the fittest (or is it the smartest?)

Not one of these penguins survived the holiday party at the Sew Far West American Sewing Guild.  Made by Genene out of carrots, olives and cream cheese.  I adored this appetizer so much and know you will, too, so here is the link for the recipe she used:

I want to make penguins, too!

One of my own New Year's Eve resolutions is to plan all upcoming celebrations in 2013 smarter!

Creativity doesn't stop at the sewing machine. When you are crafty, it shows up everywhere in homes including table settings, floral arrangements, food design and more.  The key to success for the holidays is to harness the specialities of all your friends.

So with the new year here, make a list of the upcoming celebrations for 2013, and consider the talents of your family and friends. Instead of feeling burdened by upcoming festivities, think of sharing them with a friend or two, and combine efforts.

It's another way to be organized, saving time and money while having fun.

From a group setting  or a couple setting, you can share your talents.  Even a romantic dinner can be shared "separately".  If you make great desserts, and your friend makes wonderful entrees - make double and don't tell your husbands.  "Separate but equal, thought of and loved " Co-0ping talents is my goal for 2013. Quilting B groups do it, let's apply it to all creative avenues!

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