Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organizing more than embroidery designs with the Deduper Software!

What is a Deduper?  

A frequent question asked at the Cookies Creations booth at embroidery events

The Deduper software is used for removing all duplicate embroidery designs.  Unlike some softwares, this one analyzes the data within the files to ensure that there are no duplicates. Looking for the same named files is simply not the best route because it is too easy to delete files with different contents!

But what many owners of the Embroidery Deduper software don't realize, is that you can use this software to remove duplicate photo files, and documents, as well.  These two additional searches really makes this the best for teaching and hobby needs.   Since the release of this featured original edition, additional improvements continue to make this a wonderful software, priced right.  If your hard drive is cluttered with files copied in more than one location, this may be the answer for you. Only the latest version is available at No older versions are sold on the website which keeps us all up to date.

During the Christmas holidays photos are emailed back and forth among relatives, and now several friends who are into photos and scrapbooking  are enjoying this software.

If you own the software, you may want to watch the two videos on the website plus additional help on Gransworkroom.  Same great software, latest version, same customer support all at one good price.

On a side note The Deduper Software is available at For my friends out there with techno know how, I need to somehow get this video "clearer". If you know how to adjust the settings for that, I hope you will share it with me. 

This video deals with photos, but the other on the site deals with embroidery. The most important Deduper settings you need when using the Embroidery Deduper software is to select the correct folder level. In the example used, all the photos were in one folder, I opened the deduper software and selected from the top menu bar: Edit, changed my preference to level 1, and then on the next tab I made sure to check off the box to go through non embroidery files as well. After adjusting the settings, I added the correct directory (folder path) where the HolidayPhotoNightmare folder was located. With a quick click on the dedup button, it was done an instant.

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