Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tag, Your It for Valentines!

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Whether you embroider, sew, or into paper crafting, tags are a great way to identify your special totes, luggage, dance bags, sewing machines and more.

Fun Tags are perfect for kids...

Not all tags need to have actual names on them.  Imagine a room of little gymnasts with their identical duffle bags all in a row.  A fun tag can easily help  a child identify their bag from the masses without having their name or initials on them.

Name Tags are great in a classroom without an age limit...

Even in the sewing classroom, having a tag on the handle of a sewing machine, identifies the student and the machine.  Very handy indeed for this teacher!

Family Slogan Tags can put a smile on that special person in your life...

Recently, my husband went skiing with his brother.  We refer to all happening moments in the family as "Gaynor Time". It's a joke and anyone who has been around the family knows of it. My brother in law coined the phrase, "What time is it?"  and the response by all is "Gaynor Time".  Last year, I embroidered shirts with it for the brothers, and this year, I sewed tags for their ski stuff, minus the ribbons.  The ribbons are in the photo to show where I put the button holes.

It's easy to make a sewn tag:

Embroider front fabric (back with a heavy weight iron on stabilizer) with name, saying, or art. You can substitute appliqué for embroidery.

Cut rectangle, based on design work added.  Give yourself a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Use this front to cut out the back piece.You may wish to angle or round the corners on both.

Stitch the front to the back with wrong sides facing out on all 4 sides, but do leave a space open along the side for turning.  Do not leave a space on a corner because makes it more difficult to stitch up. Straight lines are easier. 

Clip corners if needed, and turn right side out.  Top stitch on all four sides (yes, to close up that turning area in the process), and add a button hole to accommodate how you plan to tether that tag.  

Quick and easy, and makes an easy gift with four days left until Valentine's Day !

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