Monday, March 25, 2013

How to be totally stable, Part 2: Sticky Stabilizers

Sticky Stabilizer, what is it?

A tear away stabilizer with a sticky side which has a waxy paper covering it.  Hoop the stabilizer with the waxy side facing up.  Use a pin or sharp seam ripper, score around waxy paper, peel up the waxy paper leaving the sticky side exposed. 

It is a wonderful stabilizer for items that are difficult to hoop like odd sized shapes or items you have to hold while stitching.  Socks, gloves, collars, ribbons are good examples of items where sticky paper would be a good choice. The picture on the left shows a baby legging hooped for "cuff" embroidery.

Sticky paper should not be used on fleece type or pile top fabrics due to the difficulty of removing the left over stabilizer from such fabrics. Do not use with embroidery on towels as it will not release the loops. The top brands of sticky paper stabilizers on the market work wonderfully leaving no residue on the needle. Tip 1: Tweezers are handy for grabby little bits out of corners.  Tip 2: Remove any jump threads on the back of your embroidery prior to removing sticky stabilizer.

Many embroidery enthusiasts use a water soluble stabilizer sprayed with embroidery adhesive like 505 in lieu of sticky paper.  The real key is to test an area for removal when applying sticky to a new fabric.  No piles, no fleeces, no towels for sure and the rest is your experiment.

Rather than using fingers or pins to hold socks in the right position we use the Sock Easy.  More information is on my website regarding embroidery on socks and adding ribbon. 

Sticky paper is great when stitching up onesies and mittens.  I’ve used it since 1997 without problems.  Use a quality brand and you will be pleased with the results.

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