Friday, April 19, 2013

Embroidering socks is so easy once you know how!

Learn more about sock embroidery with free videos 
I have been embroidering socks for almost a decade. Every time I finish a pair or look at the ones my friends and students have made - I can't help but smile that something so easy to do, can look so adorable and be so practical.

Unlike store purchased socks that have appliquéd designs these embroidered cuties will never have motifs that lift or fall off. The socks can be dressed up or kept simple.

Adding ribbons, lace, denim, fabric strips is very easy to do.  A simple zigzag is all that it takes to add trims.  It's the same type of technique used in heirloom sewing when stitching lace to lace. If you haven't done this before, see the video on the website specifically for adding ribbons.

Students are quite creative: I love this little pair that Amber sent me where she literally crocheted the beads onto the socks!
Crocheted beads byAmber

Important things to look for when shopping for socks:

Pick socks with a good elastic springlike quality.

The socks can be triple fold, anklets or sport socks.

Sports socks can be embroidered on the small flat border of elastic at the top of each sock or just below the elastic near the top.
Same design with a lace finish

No matter which method or tool you use to embroider socks, the videos on the website have tips that will translate to all methods of embroidery on socks plus gloves, too!

Do you live in Georgia? Join me in a hands on event, Saturday, May 11, 2013 - open to all embroidery machine owners.
Learn more on the CookiesCreationsWebsite fan page. Chocolate chip cookies will be served while we are changing thread colors!

Socks aren't just for children and for years I have sported my tennis socks across many a court (and taken orders for others to have the same ones). It is the universal gift that everyone can enjoy.

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