Thursday, April 4, 2013

Using all your stashes (fabric, yarn, ribbon, paper) in a fun new way....

A year ago I purchased a weaving loom because clearly I have lots of time and no hobbies ;) I immediately assembled the loom and there it sat in my knitting stash for 1 year.

Last weekend I read the booklet, followed the steps and began exploring my collection of yarns and ribbons  to see what effects could be achieved.  Things I learned:

To keep the ends straighter, don't pull tight while beating or you get the "loops" or the "wave" effect.

Boa yarn makes a great "fuzz".

Acrylic yarn shows every detail which may or may not be a good thing.

Cascade yarns are forgiving.  I may be biased as I love natural fibers.

Ribbons are just plain fun and easy to add.

So how will I use this first experience of learning how to weave and incorporate my fabric stash?  Next project will be with fabric strips, ribbons and yarns.  I am using a simple inexpensive loom which is the 10"cricket. Very sturdy and well made. It's a fun beginner loom which is easy to use and portable. They do make larger ones, but before picking a more elaborate loom, a smaller one can always  be resold plus if you have children in your world, it's a great easy craft to enjoy together. I tried making a loom and it really was much more work and expense and not worth the time spent.  Once I master this loom and have a better understanding of how all my different stash fibers can be used, I will consider a fancy one. I do not think the 15" would be a logical size for projects I aspire to create.  But that perfect size is still under "research"!  10" is perfect for small projects while learning and the portability is a perk!

For my scrap book friends:  Imagine weaving paper for an artsy wall hanging.  I think that will be project 3.

  I am 95% to completion of my first project.  I will post the finished project next week as I start project number 2.  You can make your own loom and I noted lots of websites to do just that.

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