Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Warped to Tied Up!

Finished weaving my second project using chunky yarn, and indeed I am mastering the selvages.  Improving in terms of loopy-ness! Practicing always helps no matter what the hobby.

Adding embroidery to this project.  I picked a single color design and made sure both the top thread and bobbin thread were the same so that it will look nice on either side.

I also made sure that the design had some satin like elements so that the stitches wouldn't sink into the yarns and disappear.  Embroidery on the fabric was a learning experience because I forgot to do a basic check:  type of fabric = type of needle.

Here's what occurred, I hooped the design quickly into the 4x4 hoop, and put a piece of water soluble stabilizer on the bottom and a piece of water soluble topping to prevent sinking of the design on top of the hoop.

I did do a check of the layout on the screen of the embroidery machine and then pressed the go button.  It began stitching.  It looks good right?

I walked out of the room.  2 minutes later, the melody of my machine changed... I was running up the stairs to stop it... and there it was, needle lying in front of the foot to the left - bent and the scarf out of the frame.  I quickly pressed STOP! I gave myself the teacher speech, "it will be okay, we can fix it".  Only there was no we, it was ME!

See needle!
Frame popped off!

Thankfully, I did get the design aligned correctly in the hoop and used the camera feature in my particular embroidery machine to ensure perfect placement.  A laser feature, or snowman feature also will work very well so check your embroidery machine manual to see if you own those features. Whether you have a camera, a laser or perhaps using the print out template to realign, be sure to try needle down and track through the design area to be stitched prior to  hitting the go button to avoid costly mistakes.
Water Soluble Stabilizer
Water Soluble Topping

Once the design was realigned and stitched, I carefully removed larger areas of water soluble topping and stabilizer with tweezers and scissors, and then rinsed off the residue.

Now the scarf is drying and will be ready to wear shortly!


Anonymous said...

Wow multitalented
Impressed with getting the scarf back in the hoop.

Debra Gaynor said...

Is that the baby alpaca?