Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Part 5 - Easy binding!

Binding a Lap Quilt Quick and Easy Method

I confess... 

This method is not endorsed by all quilters but I do know several accomplished ones who agree with me that if it is going to a child, durability, washability in colors he or she will love is what truly matters.  This binding is easy for the novice, quick for the busy, stands up to test of "time and drag" and uses left over fabrics perfectly that are on the cross grain.  Here is why:

Because the quilt is a rectangular and a smaller size, we will sew the binding fabric in four sections, saving time on piecing and cutting. We will sew strips together on the bias, but cut the strips on the cross grain because we are not turning corners or following curves.

Measure the quilt across the middle to account for any stretching and distortion that may have occurred during the assembly. Square up and trim straight, if needed.

Cut 3 inch wide strips to be used for binding based on the width of the selected fabric! 

How much bias needs to be cut?

The fabric pictured is 37" wide with selvages removed.

The quilt measures 35" across the center.
Add 2" to the length of each binding strip needed. 

In this case  37" strips work perfect for top and bottom.

The side strips measure 47"+2"=49" needed. 
49x2=98  98 divided by 37" = 2.65 strips. Roughly less than 3 strips attached on the bias.

Below is the side strips being sewn on the diagonal and trimmed to 1/4" seam

Press bias lengthwise with wrong sides together.

 Place in position at top with raw edges touching, see photo below. Stitch binding to quilt at top and bottom using 1/4" seams as shown. Repeat process for the bottom of the quilt. Trim even with edge.

For the sides do the same process but leave an extra inch on both ends. Wrap the ends as shown:

Wrap binding around the edge and using Elmer's Washable School glue, adhere in place using a dry iron. 

From the right side stitch on the binding seam line using a decorative feather stitch which will catch both sides perfectly thanks to the wonderful glue job you just did!

Make a label for your quilt with date, time, your name and perhaps who it is to and the occasion of the gift.

Stitch to the backside of the quilt.

This quilt will hold up to being dragged along the floors at home and at school.  All Finished!

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