Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Piece by Piece a journey in appliqué sewing (Part One in Quilt Along)...

Go to pieces with me:

The biggest step in quilting and appliqué is finding the fabric that inspires you! Whether you use a color wheel for your stash , a fabric collection purchased at a store, nature or throw caution to the wind and use whatever fabric you touch - it is inspiring and makes it easier to have one fabric that pulls it all together. I refer to it as my focus fabric for selecting others to go with it. Mind you, if it were a log cabin I might change it up altogether concentrating on variety and intensity of colors. But this one is for a sweet little girl to have for nap time, hence appliqué hearts.

Join me:
  • Twelve - 8.5" squares (Cut 9", appliqué them as directed and trim to 8.5" is more forgiving ;)
  • Nine - 3.5" x 40" strips for sashing (non directional fabric, more fabric needed if there is a right and wrong direction.
  • 1 Crib size package of cotton batting
  • 1.5 yards of backing fabric
  • 1/2 yard of heart fabric
  • 1/2 yard of binding fabric
  • Neutral all-purpose sewing weight thread
  • 80/12 Universal machine needles
  • bobbins
  • Twelve - 8.5" squares of light tear away
  • 1 yard of Heat and Bond fusible for appliqués
  • A decorative type of thread to zigzag appliqués - featured project uses 40wt embroidery polyester embroidery thread

In my search, I found a fabric with large hearts. I am doing this for a class and therefore I gave a heart template for students to cut theirs. You guessed it, I am using the hearts in that fabric.

Tip: It is easiest to press the Heat n Bond stabilizer to the entire fabric piece prior to cutting. 

Always follow the manufacturer's directions when working with any fusible. Especially pay attention to whether a dry or steam application will be used. Press is just that, do not use circular motions of ironing unless otherwise indicated.

In this case, it was late at night and the stores were closed. Having just a small amount of Heat n Bond on hand, I pulled out my non-stick pressing sheet and pressed as many hearts that would fit. (48 are needed) You could see all the areas that would have been used up otherwise in the previous photo.

Non-stick sheet is great because you can peel or wipe off with a dry or wet cloth afterwards and re-use, protecting your iron.

Do you need a template? Grab the free one on my projects page on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Fan Page for free. This can easily be done as an appliqué embroidery block created with software. The appliqué machine embroidery design will be in this month's newsletter due out next week. If you are planning to stitch this by sewing machine, I will go over the how to in the next post, Thursday.

Cut out 48 hearts. This step is complete, and the next step is to cut out 8.5" or 10.5" blocks (12 of them). While you catch up, I will run and get teal fabric and finish my squares.  Next steps on Thursday.

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